TTWD INK agrees to supply all products based on Clients’ input and requirements; Provide assistance and expertise in helping select paper products, ink colors and other various design elements of the job; Order all materials necessary to complete the job; Print all elements of the job; Package the job and coordinate pickup at: 5 East 63rd Street, Suite 3C/4C, New York, NY, 10065.


COLOR and production

Different combinations of ink color, paper types, and methods of printing achieve very specific results and in some cases will affect the attainable degrees of color matching and fine detail on a finished printed item. TTWD INK utilizes industry standard swatch-books when presenting ink color options. While adhering to these standards is a dependable method of achieving color accuracy, they are not a guarantee of an exact match between a given swatch and finished product.

All graphics and text will be placed at least .25” away from the trim edge of all custom paper goods (with the exception of artwork and layouts that require design elements to bleed off the edge of the finished piece). This .25” margin is the best practice for maintaining the integrity of any design, accounting for a mechanical margin of error of .094" when the job is printed and cut or finishing services are performed, including but not limited to mounting and edge gilding. Any final trim sizes or single dimensions that do not exceed a difference of .063” to the approved proof will be considered within the accepted mechanical margin of error and will not be reprinted.



TTWD INK will supply electronic proofs of each element of the Client’s design package for approval prior to the job being printed. The electronic displays of computers and hand-held devices are unreliable references for color. In the event of color discrepancies between the appearance of color on electronic proofs and color decisions made in person at meetings with TTWD INK, Clients should reference the original color reference numbers and descriptions.

The Client’s job will be printed as it appears on their approved proofs, and their signature of approval indicates that the Client(s) assume full responsibility for all design and content elements of the job. TTWD INK is not responsible for any typographical, color, paper, or design errors that have been approved. TTWD INK will not incur the costs of reprinting the job due to any such errors, and will not issue any refunds on printed items.



TTWD INK shall own and retain the copyright of all Artwork created for Clients pursuant to this Agreement. TTWD INK shall reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to reproduce images for TTWD INK portfolios, projects, samples, self-promotions, advertisements, and/or editorial uses.  The Client is authorized to make prints and copies of any Artwork for personal use only, and shall not sell any images or authorize the sale or reproduction of the Artwork without the written and signed consent of TTWD INK.



A deposit of 50% of the total budget (which will be applied toward the Clients’ final invoice) must be paid to TTWD INK before work will begin on the job, and this deposit is not refundable once TTWD INK has begun Step Two (the design phase) of the job. Payment can be submitted with a credit card, cash, wire, or with a check made payable to “TTWD, INC.” and mailed to: TTWD Inc., 5 East 63rd Street, Suite 3C/4C, New York, NY, 10065.