What pieces should my

invitation suite consist of?


A basic invitation suite consists of four essential pieces: a main invitation, a reply card, and envelopes for both. When receptions following a wedding ceremony are held in a different location, a “reception card” is also printed. Additional inserts may be considered for providing guests with directions, accommodations and any other helpful event specifics. However, if guests can access this information on a website, printing a "web card" with the url is an alternative way to provide these details.

How many invitations should I order?

Because invitations are often being mailed to couples or families, the quantity of invitations you will order should be lower than your total guest count. Considering the number of “households” you’ll be inviting is helpful in determining this number. We recommend an additional 20% to account for any last-minute guests and a few keepsakes. A second round of printing is much more costly than having a few extra sets, so printing enough from the start is always the best policy.

How long does the custom design process take?

The turnaround time for custom printed products depends upon the complexity of original artwork being created and the print production methods selected. An invitation suite with original artwork, specialty printing and hand calligraphy will commonly take 10 weeks from the design phase to mailing. 5 to 6 months prior to your event is a great time to begin custom designing invitations. 

When should I mail out my wedding invitations?

6 to 8 weeks before your event date is a standard recommended schedule for mailing invitations. 10+ weeks is recommended for destination events or guest lists that include many long distance travelers.

What types of custom artwork can you create?

Looking through our gallery will give you some great visual examples of some of the work we do, such as pattern design, spot illustrations, and mixed media applications. Whether you're interested in architectural elements, natural surroundings, geometric patterns, or just a sense of whimsy, we're here to tailor your custom design to the things you love in order to best showcase your story and special occasion.

Do I need a wedding announcement?

Eloping or having a very small wedding? Wedding announcements are a great idea for couples wishing to formally announce their marriage to family or friends who did not receive invitations, and can be mailed out a day or two after the wedding.

What options for printing do you offer?

Engraving, Letterpress, Foil Stamping, Thermography, Offset and Digital Printing are all options that our clients can choose from. You can read more about these options here. At our initial meeting (or over the phone for clients located outside of New York) we are happy to help you determine the best match for your style and budget.

Can I match my design colors to another

print sample or fabric swatch?

Any time a sample of colored fabric, paper, photography or even printed material provides inspiration for print products, TTWD INK strives to match colors as closely as possible. We are always happy to guide you to the closest options available while negotiating the inherent color variations found as a result of varied printing methods on different kinds of paper.

How much postage will my invitations need?

The size and weight of invitations commonly exceeds the maximum requirements for mailing a standard 1st class 1oz envelope, especially invitations printed on thick paper and containing multiple inserts. We defer to the USPS for accurate estimates once all the exact elements for an invitation have been decided.

What does reception stationery consist of?

Reception stationery or "day-of" items frequently include: menus, programs, table numbers, custom beverage napkins and guest towels, signage for items such as photo booths, cocktails, dessert bars, and anything else we can imagine that will add a creative edge to your occasion.

Should I order Place Cards, Escort Cards,

or both?

Escort Cards inform your guests which table they will be seated at, and are indispensable for any formal event where guests will be served dinner. For parties or receptions where the host or hosts have also assigned seats at each table, a Place Card should be included at every place setting at each table. Whereas you may include couples on a single Escort Card, Place Cards are for each individual guest.