After winning the poster design contest for the annual Tulip Festival in Albany, New York, as a young high school student, Matthew Carrigan realized his career in the arts was already in the making.

While an undergraduate, Matthew continued his studio practice of printmaking, sculpture, and painting, discovering his passion for graphic art.

Several years later, after graduating from college, Matthew was creating promotional material for bands, restaurants and events throughout the northeast. In addition, in 2008 Matthew designed the cover for the second edition of Use What You Have Decorating, introducing a fresh look for the 10th anniversary of the bestseller published by Penguin Group.

In 2010 Matthew founded TTWD INK, the graphic design division of TTWD Inc., helping clients create one-of-a-kind designs and artwork using mixed media for a wide range of special event paper products and personal stationery.

Matthew Carrigan received his Masters Degree in Art from Columbia University, and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Illustration from Syracuse University.